We carry a wide range of band and orchestra instruments for beginners and professionals. We sell and rent instruments. Here is a partial list of instruments we carry.

S.E. Shires Custon Brass
Bach Brasses
Schilke Brasses
Stomvi Trumpets
Kanstul Brass Instruments
Getzen Brass Instruments
Jupiter Band Instruments
Cannonball Music
Conn Brass Instruments
King Brasses

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Selmer Woodwinds
Yanagisawa Saxophones
Cannonball Saxophones
Jupiter Band Instruments
Antiqua Woodwinds
Leblanc Woodwinds
Gemeinhardt Flutes
Armstrong Flutes
Sankyo Flutes
Sonare Winds

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A & G String Instruments
Scherl-Roth Violins
Glassel-Aristocrat Violins
Cremona Violins and Cellos
Maple Leaf Strings

We carry the following Instrument Accessories

We also carry a full line of: